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Learning about Veterans Day

October 30, 2019 0 comments

Veterans Day is approaching, and it’s a great time for children to learn about why we celebrate this holiday. Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th. In Mansfield, we always have a parade that has many veterans who are proud to have served our country. American military members are celebrated outside of the United States too.

What started out as Armistice Day later changed to Veterans Day. It is an important holiday to stop and think about the men and women that keep us free and safe.

In 1926, Veterans Day only covered men that died in World War I. However, since 1945 the holiday was changed to honor all veterans -- current and past -- that have served or are currently serving in the military. (Memorial Day celebrates military members that were killed in battle.) The actual date for the holiday hasn’t always been the same; only for the past 40 years has Veterans Day been observed on November 11th.

The library has many helpful books to teach your child or a whole classroom full of kids about Veterans Day.

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