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Tranquility: Music for Relaxation - Music Review

Amy - AV October 11, 2019

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Because stress exists in day to day life, when I came across this CD I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try and see if I could find my zen place.

Unfortunately I have found that just listening to supposedly relaxing music does not work for me. I found tracks 2, 4, 6, and 8 annoying as these “relaxing” songs had chanting, singing, or voices of some nature grating on my nerves instead of soothing me. I did find that there are 2 artists on this album that I really enjoyed and have subsequently downloaded one of them to my playlist. Both Gary Stroutsos (tracks 3, 5, and 9) and Mohamed Naiem (tracks 5 and 10) were calming and tranquil. Some of the tracks were a little too high-pitched in areas for me to find relaxing. The back cover details this CD as “ideal as a genTranquility: Music tle background for meditation, yoga…” and I would agree that I would put this on strictly as background sound to any yoga or pilates activity. For those that are able to meditate I can only guess that this would work for you as well. 

Overall rating: C

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