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Eat, Pray, Love - Movie Review

Fate - AV September 20, 2019

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Every now and then, I find it worthwhile to jump back a few years and find something to watch, or listen to that I missed the first time it was available. After scrolling through what seemed to be hundreds of Netflix offerings on the TV screen, my finger got a cramp and the scrolling stopped on the above movie. Not wanting to risk permanent damage to my scrolling finger, I decided to give the movie a try.

It is a story of an attractive, successful young woman (Julia Roberts) who is married to a guy she had thought was her perfect mate but finds that he is controlling and not so great after all. Both know that the marriage is not going well and she wants to leave but he thinks they must stay together.

Eventually they do become divorced and she embarks on a year-long vacation in hopes of finding some purpose to her life. First she travels to Italy where she and friends experience many fantastic foods (no KFC). This is the EAT part.

Next she goes to India to experience the beauty of the country and meets a fortune teller who recommends she study meditation techniques, and she tries. This is the PRAY part.

And finally she travels to Bali where, while bicycling on a country road, she is run off the road by a distracted fellow trying to get his cassette tape player to work (what are those?). They meet by chance in forthcoming scenes and while she is not initially interested, she finally falls for him and cancels her scheduled plane trip back to New York to stay with him.

Reportedly a true story, the movie released in 2010, is based on a book of the same title by Elizabeth Gilbert.

It turned out to be a worthwhile find, and I am not usually a Julia Roberts fan. If you have not seen the film, give it a try.

Overall Rating:  B

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