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Rise of the Rockets - Media Review

September 13, 2019

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The 60 miles to escape Earth’s atmosphere is a tough journey.  Yet space has never been closer with the rise of commercial rocketry, miniaturization and new launch capabilities.

The writers of this NOVA documentary ask simple questions to take the viewer through complex scientific information.   For example, “Why do rockets have to be so big?”  They explain how Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s rocket equation published in 1903 still challenges scientists today. 

Another key question is “Why not recycle rockets like an airliner?”   Their analysis helps one grasp a rudimentary understanding of velocity and thrust complexities and associated costs. Now in development, the SLS, Space Launch System rockets will power the next flights in the early 2020’s.

We all depart from lower orbit and can ponder their final query, “Will this be an age that will ultimately propel society even further?”

 Grade:  A

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