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Patrick Melrose - Movie Review

Summer August 23, 2019

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Patrick Melrose, an Emmy nominated miniseries starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character, is based on a series of semi-autobiographical novels by Edward St Aubyn. Each of the five episodes encapsulates a single book in the series, spanning about four decades in the life of Patrick Melrose.

The opening scene is Patrick learning about the death of his father. His reaction is odd—distant—which he later casually mentions is because of heroin. About midway through the first episode I found his drug induced public antics so cringe worthy I almost turned it off. I trudged through purely because of the good reviews and was honestly not disappointed. By episode two I was hooked and proceeded to binge the whole series in one go.

The series is wonderfully acted, especially by Benedict Cumberbatch, but covers such a dark subject matter I feel I can’t recommend this series to everyone. It follows the effect of Patrick’s abusive father and emotionally absent mother, which lead directly to his addictions. The story is heart shatteringly realistic and that makes it so painful to watch. I felt completely gutted afterwards in that way only good story telling can do. I would not say I enjoyed the series and am not inclined to ever rewatch it, but it is so well done I suggest checking it out if you feel up to its mature storyline. 

Overall Rating: A+ 

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