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Back to School with Audiobooks!

August 14, 2019 0 comments

I’m an avid reader. Reading is my favorite hobby. And as any book lover knows, there are too many books and not enough time! It’s a struggle. But when the house needs cleaned, dinner is in demand, or when I’m stuck in a 40-minute commute, I turn to my latest audiobook. If it wasn’t for reading with my ears, I would never find the time to read as much as I do.

You could say I’m an avid fan of reading with my ears.

Often, I’m quick to recommend audiobooks to others. While I’m in the midst of going on about the fantastic narration, more people than I would like to admit, stop me mid-sentence and say, “Audiobooks?! But isn’t that cheating?”


This is a popular misconception about audiobooks, and I am always surprised with how many people of all ages are under this false impression. As cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham points out in a Washington Post article, “’Cheating’ implies an unfair advantage, as though you are receiving a benefit while skirting some work. Why talk about reading as though it were work?”

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Books on Tape, Listening Library: Audio Books Are NOT Cheating

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