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Book Review: The Book Hog

August 12, 2019

The Book Hog by Greg Pizzoli
From Miss Adena at Lexington Branch

Oh, Greg Pizzoli. You’ve done it again! I have a couple of favorite picture books written and illustrated
by Pizzoli, including Good Night Owl and The Watermelon Seed. So when this gem came through a
couple of months ago, I was so excited.

The main character of The Book Hog is, yes, an actual hog. And he loves books. His house is filled to
the brim with storybooks (which I can relate to). He loves the way they smell, feel, and his favorite part
is the pictures. Eventually, we learn that the Book Hog has been keeping a secret. Any guesses?
He can’t read! But one day, he stumbles upon a building filled with marvelous books—a library. The
librarian, Miss Olive, asks if he would like to join her for story time. He is pleasantly surprised that
someone offered to read the books WITH him. The Book Hog is so happy that he races home to fetch
some of his collection to bring back to the library. Miss Olive reads each one with him and the rest of
the story time group. By the end of the picture book, the Book Hog learns how to read and is a frequent
library customer!

As a children’s assistant, I do story time multiple times a week—whether it’s at the library, for a
classroom, or in front of a daycare group. It’s heartwarming to read a picture book about a character
that has such adoration for stories. While babies and young children aren’t able to read right now, they
are learning the early literacy skills that will help them by coming to story time. And, with practice,
they will be on their way to reading on their own like the Book Hog!

I always adore Greg Pizzoli’s illustrations, and it was a treat to see some of his previous books and
characters make a special appearance in The Book Hog. There’s another surprise on the very last
page—an old-fashioned due date card. What a cute throwback!

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