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Poms - Movie Review

Amy - AV August 09, 2019

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At first glance this movie looks just like any other film about the aging generation trying to recapture their youth. What I thought might be a cheesy movie with some canned laughs turned out to be weirdly moving considering the film is based on senior (meaning old not upperclassmen) cheerleaders. Diane Keaton stars as Martha, who is moving out of her home of many years in New York City and relocating to a retirement village in Georgia. After the first few minutes the viewer becomes aware that this movie will have some profound moments akin to the film “The Bucket List” (starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman). The movie starts off extremely slow but that could be because you are left wrapping your head around Martha’s situation. The laughs are slightly canned as most of the funny parts of the film were shown in the trailer. However, this is not a typical comedy so the stilted laughs can be put aside. This movie is instead a reminder to live our lives to the fullest every day. Overall Rating: B

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