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Book Review: Follow that Bee! by Scot Ritchie

July 29, 2019 0 comments

Follow That Bee! A First Book of Bees in the City by Scot Ritchie
From Miss Melanie at Main Library


Follow That Bee! A First Book of Bees in the City by Scot Ritchie contains all a person needs to know about raising bees and how to provide habitat for them in the city. It is packed with facts and cute illustrations.

Follow That Bee!: A First Book of Bees in the City

From the publisher: "A gentle and engaging look at honeybees and how they live in urban spaces. In this sixth book in the Exploring Our Community series, the five friends help their neighbor look after his backyard beehive. Along the way, they learn about how bees feed and pollinate; how bees build their hive; what happens inside a bee colony; how and why some bee populations are currently at risk; and much, much more. The book concludes with fun ideas for how to attract bees to your own backyard."

Other titles in the Exploring Our Community series are: Follow That Map!, Look at That Building!, Look Where We Live!, See What We Eat! and See How We Move!. All are worthy additions to a classroom library, or the library of any child wanting to know more about such things.

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