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Spaced Out: Space Apps for Kids

July 03, 2019 0 comments

Do you have a student or child that can’t get enough info about stars, planets and outer space? Never fear, there’s an app for that! Young learners can explore space in the classroom or at home—and many are available on both iOS and Android platforms. We’ve listed a few possibilities, both free and paid, below. For more information, click on the links:


NASA: Available for iOS and Android. The NASA app showcases a huge collection of the latest NASA content, including images, videos on-demand, NASA Television, mission information, news & feature stories, latest tweets, ISS sighting opportunities, satellite tracking and much more. Recommended age 7 and up.

Skyview:  Available for iOS and Android. SkyView® brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your device camera at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more! Recommended age 4 and up.


Solar Family: 4.99 iOS only. Learn interesting facts about the planets through stories and games. Recommended age 5 and up. 

Star Walk Kids Explore Space: .99 Android, 2.99 iOS.  Teaches the basics of astronomy in an interesting and unusual way. Recommended age 4 and up.

What’s In Space?: 2.99 iOS only. Become a true astronaut, build your own spaceship, explore the constellations and travel through space! Recommended age 4 and up.

Simple Rockets: 2.99 Android and iOS. Do you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist? Design your own rocket ships and blast off into space!

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