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Us - Movie Review

Summer June 21, 2019

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On the surface Us looks to be a standard slasher film—the trapped wholesome family, the power outage, the eerily familiar intruders lurking in the dark brandishing scissors and murderous intent-but actually the film ends up leaning more on the side of social commentary. This should really be no surprise considering Jordan Peele’s other forage into the horror genre Get Out. That being said, I do not think Us blends its critiques of social issues and horror very well.  

The first part of the movie was exactly what I was imagining this film to be. It was suspenseful, chilling, and had a touch of dark comedy to relieve the stress between scares. As the movie went on, however, it trekked further from what the previews would have you believe this film is. To me this felt like a film for critics not so much for an average viewer. While I can acknowledge the allegory and commentary on class in America, about a third way through the film I started idly wondering where my phone was. Did I leave it in the bedroom? Was it stuffed between the couch cushions? Obviously the movie was no longer holding my attention no matter how meticulously shot and well-acted.

This is not a movie to simply watch, it will make no sense and its lack of logic with infuriate you, but if you want a movie that makes you think, filled with symbolism and such this is absolutely it.

Overall Rating: B

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