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Detective Pikachu Review

June 18, 2019

Detective Pikachu Review


Read below for the quick overview with no spoilers!

Did I like it?: It wasn’t what I expected. Wasn’t in love with the ending but I enjoyed the overall movie.

Themes: Kick-butt action, plucky puns, snarky remarks, death scares, fiendish foes, animal companions (or as I like to call them POKEMON), hair-raising mystery, explosions, surprise cameo’s, 90’s kids dream-come-to-life

Short Summary (No spoilers): Tim visits Ryme city after getting some unfortunate news and ends up partnering with a talking Pikachu to find out what happened to his father.  

Favorite thing about it?: Lol… this is the only time I will ever say this. My favorite this about this movie was Mr. Mime.   





Below is my review, spoilers may pop up here, so don't read it if you haven't watched it >.<

So, can everyone just take a second to appreciate how AMAZEBALLS the animation is? Like, I know they don’t necessarily look real, but they are so cute. Have you seen the commercials for this thing? Ador-hable.

ANYWAY, what can I say about this movie?

It was indeed a kids movie. It doesn’t seem like it was really meant for adults even though they knew we were going to go watch it.

Why do I say that?

Well, when the big bad thing happened and everyone was crying and it was supposed to be sad I was thinking “Can we get this over with and move on?” And I think that I am a pretty chill movie watcher so when I think this I know the movie has not hooked me. Sadly…

But, other than the fact that they didn’t really develop the emotional relationships of the characters and the ending “mystery” I liked it.

I must say – the ending did surprise me – to a degree. Before they even revealed who Pikachu really way I was thinking “Did Mew somehow switch Pikachu and someone else?” And guess what? Yes. For whatever reason it didn’t occur to me that Tim’s father was Ryan Reynolds, but when it was all I could do was grin like a cheeseball.

Really, guys? Lol. Really?

But yeah, the movie itself was super cute. I will definitely be watching it again to see more of the Pokémon. I liked Tim’s character and honestly, all of the comments Pikachu made about Psyduck just made my movie experience so much better!

I would say watching this movie to see Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu is worth it. But that is just my opinion. What did you guys think? Did you like it?



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