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Aladdin Review

June 18, 2019


Read below for the quick overview with no spoilers!

Did I like it?: Well.. It’s a Disney movie so I am biased. But, yes I enjoyed it! I think it was a good adaption. It added to the old storyline and filled in some plot holes.

Themes: Magic, Animated action, snarky remarks, girl power, fiendish foes, kid-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks redemption arc, Genies, Expressive animal companions, and sing-along-worthy songs

Short Summary (No spoilers): Aladdin, an orphan in the kingdom of Agrabah, meets a special girl he fall in love with. So with the help of a magical genie he embarks to become the prince he think she deserves.

Favorite thing about it?: SIDE CHARACTERS!



Below is my review, spoilers may pop up here, so don't read it if you haven't watched it >.<

So, what can I say about Aladdin that most people don’t already know?

Well, one of the things I LOVED most about this movie is that they filled in story plot holes from the first movie. Such as – Aladdin becoming king. If you have seen the original 3 Aladdin animated movies you know that Aladdin and Jasmine do get married but he never really becomes the king – he’s more of an adventurer – which is fine. But in this remake they finally solved that problem.

What was the answer?


Why did it take us so long to make Jasmine the ruling queen in charge of Agrabah? Aladdin is on the side along for the ride, but FINALLY Jasmine is getting the credit she deserves.

I wasn’t a huge fan of her singing about how she wants to be the next queen (probably because those songs aren’t in the original) but I’m happy it happened.

I also liked how they filled the plot hole of the genie becoming human. In the original he just lost his shackles and become an all-powerful genie without a master. I never really liked that because he was still a genie in a world full of humans. Eventually – I think he got a genie girlfriend in that old animated show – but it was never in the movies.

In this version he turned into a normal person. I think this is a better outcome. He gets a normal life, a wife and a family. Good for him!

Now… Since I have been talking about the genie I’m sure everyone is like “HE WAS A BLUE CREEPER!” and yeah…. But it didn’t really bother me. I don’t know why the internet was so up in arms about this. He was blue. He was a guy. He could sing my favorite songs…

That’s all we needed. Lol.

I didn’t like how young Jafar was. I always thought he was supposed to be an old and crusty wizard guy and that was why it was so unthinkable that Jasmine marry him. In this version he didn’t look that much older than Jasmine. Heck, the actors could be the same age. I don’t know.

My one and only major complaint about this movie is how quickly Jasmine and Aladdin fell in love. It was literally instantaneous. The movie started and Aladdin saw Jasmine and it was all ♥♥♥♥♥!  But whatever, Disney probably just wanted to get that out of the way because we all knew it was going to happen…

But, I would have liked their relationship to develop just a little bit more before he risked life and limb for her.

Then again… in the original I don’t know if they knew each other any better. But I think it can be forgiven because it was animated.

Who know?

Maybe I’m a hypocrite.

Anyways, long story short – I liked it. What about you?


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