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Story Time Starter: I Can Move!

June 17, 2019 0 comments

This month, we are happy to share a fun-filled and movement-related story time, I Can Move!

You'll find some old favorites as well as new stories you can introduce to your group. Classics like If You're Happy and You Know It by Jane Cabrera and From Head to Toe by Eric Carle share a variety of animal movements just right for small children. Next, you can choose from new books like Who Has Wiggle-Waggle Toes? by Vicky Shiefman, A Hop is Up by Christy Dempsy, and Play This Book by Jessica Young to encourage self expression and imagination.

Continue with some rhymes and fingerplays:

Can You Move With Me?
(tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”)

Can you wiggle like a worm,
Can you squiggle, can you squirm?
Can you flutter, can you fly,
Like a gentle butterfly?
Can you crawl upon the ground
Like a beetle that is round?
Can you move with me?

Can you flip? Can you flop?
Can you give a little hop?
Can you slither like a snake?
Can you give a little shake?
Can you dance like a bee
Who is buzzing in a tree?
Can you move with me?

A wiggle, wiggle here;
A wiggle, wiggle there;
Wiggle your hands up in the air.

Wiggle your shoulders,
Wiggle your hips,
Wiggle your knees, and move your lips.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
And wiggle some more—
And now let’s sit down on the floor.

With My Family
(tune of “The Muffin Man”)

Tell me what you like to do,
Like to do, like to do.
Tell me what you like to do,
With your family.

I like to swim and splash,
Swim and splash, swim and splash.
I like to swim and splash,
With my family.

I like to jump and hop…
I like to stomp and spin…
I like to blink and nod…
I like to clap and snap…
I like to bend and stretch…

Music is next! Try one of the songs from the following CDs:

Ready, Set, Move CD (Greg & Steve)
Songs: Five Little Monkeys (#3), Ready, Set, Move! (#4), Jump Down, Turn Around (#5)

Jim Gill Sings Moving Rhymes for Modern Times CD
Songs: Jump Up, Turn Around (#4), Face the Facts (#5), Rhythm in My Fingers (#9)

Finally, here are some awesome activities to finish with:

Enjoy moving and grooving!

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