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Equus: Story of the Horse - Movie Review

Darla - AV June 14, 2019

A horse is the beloved animal that the cowboy wants to ride to the Old Town Road in a viral music hit.  The documentary Equus:  Story of the Horse explores the origin of the horse and man’s relationship with the equine. The narrator visits the extreme cold of Russia’s Yakutia region and the extreme heat of the Bedouin’s desert regions to observe partnerships between humans and horses.

Topics covered in this film include ancient cave drawings of horses, chariot-pulling horses, horses used by archers, and thoroughbreds used in southern Alberta’s Blackfeet bareback horse relays.

The film shows the footage of wild horses, abandoned by humans, with their adapted seal companions on Canada’s east coast. An expert American cowboy shows how he gently trains a wild horse.

The narrator-traveler created a wonderful documentary on horses, by talking with people who cared about their horses, and using experts in the field to talk about horse breeds. I have a new respect for horses after viewing this film.

Rated A+

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