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When the End Began - Music Review

Fate - AV May 17, 2019

Curiosity grabbed me when a music CD case was sent to me to have art work done on the covers. Only the image of a planet graced the front. No title, no artist name. The back cover was blank. No listing of the album tracks. After I added the mysteriously missing items, I followed my curiosity to learn more about the contents. I visited a website that rated the album and saw that it received 5 of 5 stars from all of whom had reviewed it. I did not read any of the reviews as I wanted to make my own decisions. 

Imagine you are listening to a radio announcer making a public service announcement about the dangers of gargling with chlorine bleach, paint thinner or Roundup. One would certainly receive considerable damage at least to the vocal chords. It would seem the lead singer in Silent Planet had ignored such warnings as his deep, raspy, gravely, powerful voice was evident throughout the recordings. I went back to the reviews to see what had been responsible for the high ratings. No mention was made of the vocal efforts, but high praise was given to the messages in the various tracks. I replayed the CD listening for the lyrics. My ears must be too old. I could not detect lyrics coming from the guttural growling. On brief occasions, human sounding voices did sing a line or two, but not enough for me to get a message from it. And then I tried to listen to the music of the band and it was not too bad – heavy duty rock, it would seem. At one point the music sounded sort of like what it might be for a space ship to be powering up for departure, perhaps back to the Silent Planet? 

Fans of this genre of music really liked the CD which I think is far more important than what my review seems to be saying. For me it was like discovering a new lifeform. You marvel at it. You are puzzled by it. And you are a bit frightened by it. All true with this CD. I give it a B (for Beware)

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