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Long Time Coming: A 1955 Baseball Story - Movie Review

May 10, 2019

The team captains of the Orlando Kiwanis and Pensacola Jaycees re-tell the story of a forgotten but historic Little League game.  Stewart and Willie and their team mates, now in their seventies, journey through six decades to a reunion in 2017. 

In 1955 the Little League decided to no longer restrict their teams to white youth.  It was eight years since Jackie Robinson made it big in the Majors and one year after Brown v. Board of Education.  Hank Aaron and other baseball greats provide commentary that grounds the story in historical significance. 

Parallel stories played out in the states of Florida and South Carolina in end-of-season tournaments.  South Carolina's Cannon Street All-Stars did not get to play one game in the run-off to state, as teams forfeited rather than play them. Stewart's Orlando and Willie's Pensacola teams played for the Florida State Championship.  Players for both teams still say they just wanted to play ball, play who was next, and play the best team.

One team member died after filming the documentary, reminding us that the chance for these first person narratives is fleeting.  “A Long Time Coming” is not only from 1955 but it is for now.  

Overall Rating:  A


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