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Author Spotlight: Jory John

April 24, 2019


Jory John has written many books to delight of both children and grown ups.  His books are known for being funny even though the themes are sometimes considered "darker." The Good Egg and The Bad Seed are two of his bestselling picture books.


In an interview, Jory John shared:
"I am excited and fascinated by the idea that my books might possibly become a part of a child’s life, experience, sense of humor, routine, and lasting memory. I can’t believe that I get to sit in a room and think up ideas and that, eventually, those ideas will travel into bookstores and libraries and schools and homes across the country. What a job! What an honor!"

Make sure you check out some of these books by Jory John:
Good Night Already!
Come Home Already!
Giraffe Problems
I Will Chomp You!
Quit Calling Me A Monster!
and many more!

Don't miss these links to awesome book trailers for The Bad Seed and The Good Egg!

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