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The Nun - Movie Review

Summer April 19, 2019

The Nun exemplifies both the best and (unfortunately) the worst of The Conjuring universe. One of the things The Conjuring series of movies does so well—that is often overlooked by other horror movies-is that the characters are likable. You actually care if they live or die and that personal investment adds to the horror. The Nun continues that trend with incredibly likable characters. The dynamic of the main trio is amazing; a Roman Catholic Exorcist haunted by his past, a young would-be nun who has yet to take her vows, and their jovial guide named “Frenchie” (despite being Canadian). The Exorcist and the Nun are sent by the Vatican to investigate the apparent suicide of a Romanian nun, amidst rumors of demonic influence. 

Another thing the movie does well is the atmosphere. The inverted Christian imagery all within the backdrop of a Medieval Romanian castle sets the movie up with what should be a terrifying 96 minutes. That being said, the film isn’t scary: it is by no means another Conjuring rated R for scares alone. There are a few superficial scares but nothing to keep you up at night. It also follows the trend that has plagued the movies since the beginning: the plot is flimsy at best. I felt *spoiler* the retcon in the last five minutes was unnecessary and detracted from what could have been a standalone film. That being said, I really enjoyed the movie. I loved the characters and wish they could have a 12 season TV series where they investigate the paranormal, but will settle for this single movie.     

Overall Rating: B-    

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