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Molecules of Motion - Music Review

Fate - AV March 15, 2019

"The album is a sonic marvel: shimmering, pulsing, moving, emotional and engaging. A tapestry of sequencer-spun patterns floats upon an atmosphere of lush emotive textures alive with a vibrant, life-affirming glow. The rich palette of synth textures and intricate layers of lattice-work embraces the senses activating a heightened awareness while evoking an emotional resonance and reverie. These four pieces can best be described as meditations upon elegant motion and electro-sensual space." - Amazon Editorial Review

Well, if you made it this far, congratulations!  This is "electronic music".  Much of it can be very complex so trying to describe it will result in something like the above.  Perhaps the same result could happen if you took 1000 music reviews of all types of music genres. put them in a Vitamixer, pushed the blend button, and poured out the result onto a sheet of paper where you had applied several thin lines of Elmer's glue, allowed it to dry, then shook off the excess - well, anyway, you get the idea.  The resulting arrangements of words might look about like the review posted above.

At this point it might seem as if I am being critical of the album, or of electronic music.  No, I liked the album.  I like various kinds of electronic music, and yes, there are various kinds.  This kind can be relaxing.  A nice background music for when you are reading a book or sawing lumber.  It depends.  

There are only 4 tracks on the album, which may seem skimpish until you note that the shortest track is 10 minutes long, and the longest track is 25 minutes.  So for those who get into Steve Roach's brand of electronic music, there a whole lot of listening to be had.

Give it a try.


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