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Pi Day

March 14, 2019 0 comments

We had a great Pi Day today! First we celebrated with a quick look at David Adler's Circles to learn all about the number pi and how it is measured.

You, too, can find pi: just take a piece of string or yarn and measure around the outside of a circle (the perimeter). Then measure that amount on a ruler (or yardstick, if your circle is big). Next, you'll need to measure across the inside of the circle, (the diameter) from one side to another, right through the middle. To calculate pi, you'll divide the perimeter by the diameter. Guess what?! The answer is always PI!

Pi is an irrational number (no, it's not scared of spiders or the dark) — it is a number that cannot be written as a simple fraction, it never repeats, and it goes on and on and on (and on). One person has calculated pi to 2.7 trillion digits (that's A LOT OF NUMBERS!). Most of us get by simplifying pi to 3.14159, or even just 3.14. And that's why March 14th is Pi Day.

After we discussed what pi was and how to find it, we made some crazy cool crafts like a pi plate, a pi banner, and a pi coloring page. (The files from Teachers Pay Teachers are free, but you'll have to register for an account before you download anything.)

We had the best time coloring and crafting to make pi. We hope you enjoyed your pi day as well!

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