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Book Review: What's Your Favorite Animal? by Eric Carle

February 22, 2019 0 comments

What's Your Favorite Animal? by Eric Carle
from Miss Brindi at Madison Branch


What is your favorite animal?  For me, I have always loved dogs. I love them. Always have. Growing up, my family had almost every type of breed you can think of, from a Chihuahua to a Siberian Husky, from a Chow-Chow, to a Jack Russel terrier mix, and then some. Even now, I have my very own Pembroke Welsh Corgi waiting at home with hopes of me returning, a bag full of French fries in tow. AND if you let me pet your dog, you’ll be my friend for life.

I also love tigers. These beautiful creatures are my favorite animals to see at the zoo.

But, I also love squirrels. Such curious little guys.

And what about penguins?! I mean, how cute is that waddle?!

I guess you could say, I’m a definite animal lover, and Eric Carle’s What’s Your Favorite Animal? is perfect for the animal lover in you. Everybody has a favorite animal, which is why Eric Carle teamed up with 13 of his friends to share with you their favorites, as part of his What’s Your Favorite picture book series. As each illustrator brings to life their beloved animal through beautiful illustrations, each writer provides a charming backstory to go with it. This super cute, and colorful, assortment includes a wide range of animals, from cats to leopards, snakes to penguins (yes!), snails to giraffes, and all true to the illustrator’s individual visual style. It makes for quite the art collection. This book will keep young readers delightfully engaged and may inspire some creativity of their own.

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