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Book Review: Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves by Kate T. Parker

February 08, 2019

Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves by Kate T. Parker
from Miss Brindi at Madison Branch

Strong Is the New Pretty, is the kind of book I wish I could have given to my younger self. It's a photographic celebration of girls being themselves, which in and of itself sounds incredible. Open this stunning work of art, and you’ll find more than 175 memorable photographs displaying the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves.

  • Goofy.

  • Resilient.

  • Patient.

  • Motivated.

  • Happy.

  • Confident.

  • Fearless.

  • Beautiful.

With every turn of the page, readers are introduced to a new girl, conveying her own powerful message. Like Nakia who is awesome. Or Zari who cannot wait to show her blessed talents to the world. Nine-year-old Ella who daydreams a lot. Carlie, 12, proclaiming that “if you’re strong on the inside, it means nobody can break you down.” Lenee who isn’t scared to put herself out there, even if she doesn’t win. Or Taylor, who enjoys playing in the mud. “So what?”

My favorite comes from Logan, 13, who states, “Girls get to be everything: tomboy, pretty, soft, and strong.”

Viewing these girls through photographs, one can easily see how each girl shines. Whether she’s running a race, helping up a friend, using gentle hands with small and fragile things, practicing her dance steps, or jumping into a pile of snow, the reader catches a glimpse of who each girl is, and who she will become. These striking pictures capture the very essence of what it means to be a girl.

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