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Book Review: Little Santa by Jon Agee

December 28, 2018 0 comments

Little Santa by Jon Agee
From Miss Maci and Crestview and Plymouth Branches

Little Santa by Jon Agee tells the story of Santa when he was a child. Santa's family is miserable in the North Pole and want to move. Santa wants to stay. Before the family leaves, there is a giant blizzard and they send Santa to look for help. He comes across a reindeer and elves who help him along they way. Finally, they dig Santa's house out of the snow, and they all become great friends. The twist at the end leaves readers a little sad, but sometimes a little sadness is the only way to achieve great happiness

This original story tells how Santa came to be. This is a very non-typical Santa story that I found children might relate to. The children can connect the silliness of Santa as a child, to their idea of him now. They can make connections between his favorite childhood pastimes and Christmas traditions today. They can even predict past the story, and connect what might have happened next, compared to what we know today. 

The illustrations are simple. yet provide great added meaning to the content of the story. Be sure to look at facial expressions, and how they tell part of the tale. Even adults will get great satisfaction to turn the page and read on with little ones eager for Christmas Eve night

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