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Haley - AV December 14, 2018

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Alpha is a historical adventure film about the beginning of the relationship between man and man’s best friend. If you like dogs at all you’ll probably enjoy this story! Keda is the son of a chief in a small tribe of hunter-gatherers in the Upper Paleolithic time period (20,000 years ago). After a training ceremony, Keda and another boy are added to the hunting party to join in an expedition. The hunters plan to hunt for the coming winter’s food and they eventually reach a herd of bison. They attempt to cause a stampede so that the bison will be forced off a cliff, which they will then travel down to collect their kill. This is mostly successful but in the process, a bison charges at Keda and throws him off of the cliff. Keda falls to a ledge in the cliff and appears to be unconscious. His father (stricken with grief) and the rest of the tribe, assuming he is dead, perform a funeral ritual. Long after the tribe has moved on with their travels, Keda wakes and attempts to climb down the cliff. After what seems like a (slightly far-fetched) miracle, he survives and realizes that he must tend to his wounds alone before finding his way home. Night comes and he is attacked by a pack of wolves. In self-defense, Keda wounds one of the wolves. Out of pity, he decides to try to help it survive by treating its injuries and offering food/water. Though shaky at first, their relationship and trust grows as they learn to work together to survive. Without giving away all the cinematic goodies, I’ll say that this film makes for a good story about how dogs and humans started coexisting in a mutually beneficial relationship. The ending was satisfying to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure that led up to it. Rating: B+

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