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Featured Article: National Sock Day

December 04, 2018 0 comments

Let's celebrate SOCKS!


December 4th is National Sock Day.  

According to CBC Kids, here are a few fun facts about socks:

  • "There are also many different types and styles of socks: knee socks that go up to your knees for extra warmth; ankle socks to wear with shoes; sport socks to soak up extra sweat; dress socks to look fancy for special occasions, water socks to protect your feet when swimming outdoors and even special socks for airplanes to keep your feet and ankles from swelling up."

  • "Did you know that your feet are one of the sweatiest parts of your body? There are over 250,000 sweat glands on a pair of feet! Those sweat glands can release up to 250 ml of sweat a day — that’s enough to fill a small milk carton! Socks help to absorb and dry all that sweat so your feet stay cozy and warm. But, when socks and feet get warm and damp, bacteria can grow, which is why feet and socks sometimes smell like funky old cheese!"

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