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The Meg

Allison - AV November 23, 2018

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The Meg is a new rendition of the classic story in which a marginalized character regains his place in society. The character? Jonas Taylor (played by Jason Statham). The problem? Several years ago, a submarine under his direction was attacked by an unknown terror – but no one believed him, and he left his profession because of it. Now, however, a research pod exploring the Mariana Trench is also attacked by an unknown creature, and Taylor’s previous coworkers believe he is the only person qualified to save the trapped crew. Overall, The Meg is your typical action flick: Plenty of special effects, conflict, and close calls – although, unlike many other action films, not all of the good guys make it out alive. (Of course, not all the bad guys make it out either.) The plot was fairly predictable, although there were a few scenes where it seemed like the writers were deliberately trying to surprise the audience. (I found myself torn between annoyance and admiration at these points because, while I hate being fooled, I can still appreciate the attempt at suspense.) Tame enough for teens, but captivating enough for adults, The Meg will appeal to the whole family. And, of course, Jason Statham makes it worth the while.

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