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The Endless

Steven - AV November 16, 2018

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Don’t be fooled by the rather ominous title/cover combo—The Endless is less of a horror movie than it is a sci-fi drama, and a pretty middling one at that. The choice of genre isn’t necessarily a problem, especially given the promising concept: an alleged “UFO death cult” worships some unseen entity from a commune in the wilderness, and two brothers, dissatisfied with their lot in life some years after departing the cult, decide to pay their old cultist colleagues a visit. What they find is equally innocuous and sinister. The cultists are all friendly and healthy and do things like sing karaoke, but now that the brothers are older, they’re better able to comprehend whatever entity lurks out there in the void. It’s a potentially spooky concept, though the decision to focus on drama only reveals clumsiness on the part of the filmmakers (who also play the brothers). They may raise intriguing questions about why a person could value a cult (particularly one that worships some unknowable, malevolent being away from civilization), but they don’t spend nearly enough time with the lonely, menial lives of the brothers to drive home any of these ideas. Instead, the filmmakers are too eager to rush headlong into their own mythology, leaving the protagonists more as observers than people who, as the sappy ending suggests, have actually learned much of anything. Overall Rating: C

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