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Spider-Man -- PlayStation 4

Haley - AV October 12, 2018

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The new Spider-Man game is exceptionally well-made, complete with a wonderful story and an array of fun web-slinging missions. Firstly, I want to mention that I’m not the biggest gamer (besides the games I played with my brothers as a kid and my addiction to the Sims games), but once in a while I stumble upon something that I can really get into and play for hours on end. There are a lot of aspects to talk about with this game so I probably won’t touch on all of them in this review. Story-wise, Peter Parker is about 23 years old, having already been fighting crime for a few years. This allows you to play as an experienced, highly skilled Spider-Man. The game starts by introducing you to the mechanics and controls. Learning how to swing through the city with ease and fight foes is fairly simplified for you in the beginning. I appreciated this aspect because a lot of combat based games have a learning curve, which can be frustrating after the twelfth death or so. Swinging around, leaping off of rooftops, and running up walls led to some of the most fun I’ve had in a game. The open-world style gives you the whole city to explore of your own accord, which I also enjoyed. Beautifully animated, with cycles of night/day, the city has lovely sunsets, rainy nights, and everything in between. You will most likely not get bored playing this game due to the vastness of the map and the large amount of missions, side missions, challenges, collectibles, etc. As you progress in the game, even more adventures become available and, of course, enemies become harder to fight. The combat is very fluid and allows for creativity. You can leap off walls, web enemies and throw them, or perform any number of combos in quick, spider-like fashion. Basically, you really can do “whatever a spider can”, plus more. Also, as you progress, you can upgrade your suit, (complete with a “suit power” and “suit mods”) upgrade gadgets, or buy new skills, all with tokens that are acquired through completion of missions. The story in general is wonderful and the cut scenes are very well placed throughout the game, in my opinion. I haven’t quite finished the game yet so I don’t know how it ends (I’m at about 70% completion), but I can say that it’s already lived up to the hype to someone who doesn’t get excited about video games very often. 

Rating: A+

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