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Story Time Starter: Pizza!!!

August 03, 2018 0 comments

There is a treat that's good to eat and pizza is it's name. P-I-Z-Z-A! P-I-Z-Z-A! P-I-Z-Z-A! and pizza is its name! Try this great song to start off a Pizza Storytime!  Just sing it to the tune of BINGO!

There are some really fun books that you can share like Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington.  This book follows the story of how Sally the Pizza Maker makes her pizza.  It is a wonderfully illustrated, easy to follow story about making pizza! If you are looking for an interactive book, try Hi, Pizza Man by Virginia Walter.  Help Vivian play a fun game as she waits for the Pizza Man.  Your kids will delight in the opportunity to make animal noises and guess who is at the door!  William Steig's, Pete's a Pizza, follows what a father does when his son, Pete, is in a bad mood--he turns him into a pizza!  Great example of imaginative play!  And finally, Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai is a simple story about a father and son and how they make pizza.  Join their journey from garden to table as they make pizza for their Pizza Day!

Let's sing some more pizza songs....

Pizza, Pizza ,Pizza (tune PB and J)
Pizza, pizza, pizza with cheese!
pizza, pizza, pizza with cheese
(repeat chorus after each of the following verses, right after "singing.....")
First you take the dough and you knead it,
you knead it , you knead it, knead it, knead it..singing…
Next you take the dough and you throw it, you catch it, you throw it up high singing....
Then you take the sauce and you spread it, you spread it, you spread it on the pizza, singing…..
Then you take the cheese and you sprinkle it, you sprinkle it, you sprinkle it on the pizza singing…
Next you take the toppings and you plunk em’, you plunk em’, you plunk em’ on the pizza singing…
Then you take the pizza and you bake it, you bake it, you bake it in the oven singing…
And when the pizza’s done you eat it!

Pat a Cake Pizza Man
Pat a cake pat a cake pizza man (clap hands)
Make me a pizza as fast as you can (shake finger)
Roll it (roll)
Toss it (pretend to toss in air)
Sprinkle it with cheese (sprinkling motion)
Put in the oven (pushing motion)
And bake it fast please!

Finally, make sure to have some creative fun with these pizza craft ideas:
Pizza Paper Plate Craft
Cut and Paste Paper Pizza
Pizza Vest
Pizza Printables

 Check out us out for more great books and resources!

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