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Red Sparrow

Amy - AV May 25, 2018

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From the opening scenes of Red Sparrow you must pay full attention to the movie.  Dominika Egorov (Jennifer Lawrence) is a Russian prima ballerina preparing to take the stage and during her dance has an unfortunate accident that will derail her life. Nathaniel Nash (Joel Edgerton) is a CIA agent (it takes a moment to figure this out) getting ready to meet with a high-level government informant (which also takes a moment to learn) and gets waylaid by Russian police who think it is a drug deal. The scenes switch back and forth between these two main characters, and it is easy to miss something if you are not paying attention. The ballet company that Dominika danced for also pays for the apartment where she and her mother, who is battling an illness, lives and the ballet company is going to kick them both out. Step in Dominika’s creepy-from-the-beginning uncle Egorov (Matthias Schoenaerts) who offers her a new way of life. She enters “sparrow” training where she learns some interesting tactics which will ultimately bring her into contact with agent Nash. The movie takes many twists and turns making it difficult to determine who is good and who is not. I will say that this movie had a few cringe-worthy moments that were hard for me to watch. There are some scenes that have explicit torture and gore. Red Sparrow is a decent movie for those that like dramatic spy films. Overall Rating: B

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