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Allison - AV May 18, 2018

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Although the 1974 TV movie "Killdozer" isn't technically "new", it IS new to the library's collection. The 74-minute cult classic focuses on a six-man construction crew that is stationed on a small island 200 miles off the coast of Africa. A metallic rock falls from space, lands on the island, and transfers a mysterious life force into the crew's huge D-9 bulldozer. The life force gives the bulldozer a mind of its own, and it begins to systematically hunt down (and kill) the members of the construction crew. The leader of the crew, Lloyd Kelly, is played by Clint Walker. (Walker is probably known best for playing "Cheyenne" in the TV series of the same name, and his deep drawl seemed a little out of place in this Sci-Fi/Horror film.) In general, I wouldn't call "Killdozer" a "full-throttle drive to death" or a "turbo-charged thriller" like the case proclaims it is, but I admit I was interested to see how it ended by the time I was two-thirds of the way through.  The film itself is "NR", but is much tamer than some PG-13 movies that I've seen: The storyline itself is horrific, but the movie isn't very graphic, and it uses its soundtrack to provide much of the suspense.  Overall, "Killdozer" would be a good introductory horror movie for families who enjoy that genre - my three-year-old even watched parts of it with me.

 Overall Rating: B-

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