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Noir: A Novel

Fate - AV May 04, 2018


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I have been a long time fan of Christopher Moore's writings, enjoying his sense of humor and style of writing.  "Lamb", my all time favorite along with "Dirty Job", "Fluke", "Practical Demonkeeping" and many others really appealed to my interest in book reading.  A few of his more recent offerings just have not hit the sweet spot, and "Noir" has been another. The story is somewhat interesting but it is set in the years shortly after WWII, and the dialogue of that time just failed to keep my interest.  But that is just me.  I had trouble with whom was telling the story.  There was a narrator, but at times it was the main character, and this created confusion for me.  I gave up about 1/3 way into the book. Reviews of the book have ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other so it would certainly be worth a try.  C

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