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Phantom Thread

Terri - AV April 27, 2018

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I generally watch a movie to be entertained, but I found nothing to entertain in Phantom Thread, which depicts the relationship of the annoyingly pampered and regimented dress designer Reynolds Woodcock (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) and his model/companion Alma. While some people call the clear lack of a story sophisticated, I call it a failure to tell a good story. The plot failed to draw some of the events together so that they made sense. It defies belief that someone would knowingly allow himself to be harmed without some compelling reason; I didn’t see that reason developed in the movie, so it was simply nonsense. Phantom Thread was an overly dramatic title, as the only connection the story had to a phantom was a single scene in which his mother appeared as a phantom. Perhaps the viewer was supposed to see her spirit in Woodcock’s inability to accept her death; perhaps this was supposed to be the reason he allowed himself to be harmed; but if that is the case, the title is the only indication. A story that leaves the viewer mystified about what happened and why is a story that has not been told well. Overall rating: D

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