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True to the Game

Melinda - AV April 13, 2018

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True to the Game is a 2017 film based off of the novel by Teri Woods. The story is about a drug kingpin Quadir (Columbus Short) who is from the streets of Harlem and a college student from Philly named Gina (Erica Peeples) who is aspiring to be a writer. Quadir and Gina meet one night, and it is love at first sight. Seeing that Quadir and Gina have different lifestyles, Quadir is determined to bring Gina into his life. Cautiously, Gina finally agrees to date Quadir and introduce him to her family. It does not take long for this handsome, charming, and powerful man to win over Gina and her family. Quadir and Gina go on a trip to LA where he shows her the finer things in life and not only that he is very wealthy but he is ready to love her and give it all up and get out of the “game” for love and a future family lifestyle. It does not take them long to fall in love and hope for a new beginning, but they realize when they get back home to the city life that leaving the street life is very dangerous and not an easy exit for Quadir. Now Gina is trapped into this life, and has to risk it all for love. As the story unfolds, you will see what it means to stay “True to the Game”. I enjoyed this movie because it was a love story, but yet a drama filled with action and a good story line.

Overall rating: A-

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