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Lady Bird

Haley - AV April 06, 2018

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Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson is a teenager in her senior year at a Catholic high school in Sacramento, 2002. Throughout the film, we see that she has an unstable relationship with her mother, who is very strong-willed and opinionated about her daughter's life. Lady Bird desperately wants to leave her hometown to go away to an Ivy League college, despite her mother's insistence that the family can't afford it and that she is ungrateful. Lady Bird goes through a few typical high school dramas: she gets a boyfriend after joining the theatre program but they break up because he turns out to be gay, she drops out of theatre, starts a new job at a coffee shop and begins dating a musician who tells her he’s a virgin but denies saying so after she loses her virginity to him, and she drifts apart from her best friend after orchestrating a prank on a teacher with one of the "popular girls". Although she is frequently seen having conflicts with her mother, there are moments in the film where we see that they are able to connect and bond through certain activities or shared interests. Her relationship with her father, however, is easy and obviously loving. He is more laid-back and seems to understand Lady Bird much more than her mother does. After her father loses his job and she discovers that he’s been dealing with depression for most of his life, she continues to pursue colleges behind her mother's back with her father’s help. In regards to my thoughts on the film, I enjoyed it but I can see where some may find it dry or unexciting. I appreciated how honest and personal the film was in portraying the struggles of finding yourself in your late teens. Distinguishing yourself from your peers or your parents at that age is difficult and I found myself easily relating to Lady Bird's struggles. I thoroughly enjoyed the artsy, quirky style of the film as well as the exceptional performance given by lead actress, Saoirse Ronan. Without giving away spoilers, I'd like to say that while the events leading to the end of the film were touching and poignant, I thought the very last scene lacked a sense of closure. Overall Rating: A-


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