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Terri - AV February 23, 2018

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Thurgood Mashall doesn’t strike most of us as an entertainment-worthy movie subject; however, the movie MARSHALL is thoroughly enjoyable because it draws one into the story. Recounting the trial of one of Marshall’s early cases as the NAACP’s only attorney, the movie gives a thought-provoking depiction of life in the early 1940s, when an African-American attorney defending an African American suspect fought not only for a just hearing of the facts, but against open prejudice that led many to accept the defendant’s guilt before the trial began and posed hurdles of injustice in courtroom proceedings. Writers Jacob and Michael Koskoff present Mashall realistically, and Chadwick Boseman does an excellent job portraying him as a real person, displaying his shrewdness in overcoming the hurdles. I appreciate the production of a movie about this worthy man. What I don’t appreciate is the needless sexual content added to the story. It could have been told as effectively without the scenes of sexual encounter; that it showed an encounter that never happened is a transparent effort to add sexual content. Don’t the writers and producers believe that the story can be told effectively without the blatant inclusion of sex in the storyline? Because of that, I give this otherwise excellent movie a B.

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