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Tyler Perry's Boo 2!: A Madea Halloween

Melinda - AV February 09, 2018

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Tyler Perry’s Boo 2!:  A Madea Halloween is a 2017 comedy horror film written by Tyler Perry. This film is the 10th film in the Madea series and the sequel to Boo!: A Madea Halloween, made last year in 2016. In this sequel, Madea’s great-niece, Tiffany, (Diamond White) is very excited that her 18th birthday is one day before Halloween. The movie opens with it being Tiffany’s 18th birthday and she believes she is grown and can do anything she wants now. Her father Brian (Tyler Perry) does not see Tiffany as this grown adult yet and is very adamant that she still abides by his rules and he believes that she is not ready to handle adult situations. Contrary to this, Tiffany’s mother Debra (Taja Simpson) begs to differ with Brian, and believes Tiffany is old enough to start having more freedom. With this being said, Tiffany talks her mother into letting her go to this Halloween Party down at Lake Derrick given by the frat brothers of the local college that had gotten all of the local teenagers in a heap of legal trouble last year on Halloween and a lot of scary incidents had occurred! The kicker to the Halloween party is the local town newspaper displayed that some local teens had been murdered at Lake Derrick in the past and it was not a safe place for teenagers to be hanging out.  Well, Madea overhears Tiffany and her friends discussing their plans to head to Lake Derrick and Madea decides it’s up to her to tell Tiffany’s father, Brian and to head to Lake Derrick with Aunt Bam, Hattie and Joe to watch over the kids at the campground and keep Tiffany out of harm from the scary monsters, dangerous killers, ghouls and the boogeyman on Halloween! You will have to watch and see how it unfolds and to see how scared you will be! I am a Madea fan, and this was the worst movie I ever watched of the Madea series. It was not funny to me at all, it was very silly with horrible acting and it had a lot of raunchy humor and language not appropriate for teens to be rated PG-13. Tyler Perry lost my vote on this one, and I did not get the sequel to this at all. Overall Rating: D-

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