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Twin Peaks

Steven - AV January 19, 2018

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A return, in the sense that the new season of Twin Peaks is often subtitled with “The Return,” implies a sense of comfort and familiarity, and in the context of a TV show, it implies the continuation of a story as well answers to lingering questions; Twin Peaks: The Return has some of these things. It even occasionally features the quirky warmth that permeated the original’s moments of darkness. But mostly it is harsh and it is cold; in the more than two decades since the cancellation of Twin Peaks, the icy tendrils of that darkness have expanded outward into a larger, more ambitious story, and director David Lynch makes no compromises in his bold, 17-hour realization of that vision. He introduces new characters, revisits old ones, and adds to the startling mythology of the series while raising more fascinating, surreal questions. The Return is home to some of the most powerful, audacious hours of television I’ve ever seen; it won’t offer the tidy conclusion some might expect, but it doesn’t have to. It is, instead, a brilliant work of controlled tone, pace, and atmosphere that rejects convention, surpassing the original to establish that, although many works of fiction have taken influence from Twin Peaks in the decades since its cancellation, there’s nothing else like it, and perhaps there never will be. Overall Rating: A+

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