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Allison - AV November 24, 2017

"Check our catalog!"

Unlocked, a straight-to-DVD movie starring Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, John Malkovich, and Michael Douglas, centers around Alice Racine (Rapace), who is a professional interrogator for the CIA. Reluctant to work in her field after a botched interrogation leads to a London bridge bombing in 2012, Alice finds herself forced into a bioterrorism interrogation. As things in this interrogation also go awry, she soon doesn’t know whom she can trust and, eventually, finds an unlikely ally in Jack Alcott (Bloom), a war veteran and professional thief. Unlocked is your standard, over-the-top, conspiracy film – full of secrets, suspense, and so many characters that it was difficult for me to keep them all straight. While parts of the movie were actually somewhat engaging, the storyline was a bit convoluted and several plot elements were cliché - such as the presence of a down-to-the-seconds, ticking, bioterrorist bomb. Despite its flaws, individuals looking for a high-drama movie with little emotional investment would enjoy the film.

Overall Rating: C+


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