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The Mummy

Allison - AV September 29, 2017

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The Mummy (2017) is the first film in Universal’s newest franchise, The Dark Universe. The movie focuses around Nick Morton, a womanizing thief of antiquities played by Tom Cruise, and Princess Ahmanet, a 3000+ year-old woman – played by Sofia Boutella – who was mummified alive as punishment for making a pact with Set, the god of Death. The basic storyline is fairly simple: while attempting to loot Princess Ahmanet’s tomb, Nick becomes cursed and spends the remainder of the movie trying to evade both the curse and Princess Ahmanet’s desire to sacrifice him. Cinematically, the film is a bit confusing as it bounces back and forth between Nick’s reality and cursed visions that only he can see. In addition, reanimated corpses created more of a “zombie” tone than a “mummy” one, and several comedic moments scattered throughout felt a bit out of place. (The presence of Jekyll/Hyde also felt like an odd addition to the film before I realized that Jekyll/Hyde is another piece of the “Dark Universe.”) Overall, the film was somewhat engaging, but I certainly hope that the upcoming Dark Universe films (next: Bride of Frankenstein, February 2019) do the 1930s and 1940s monster movies a bit more justice. Overall rating: C

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