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Time Change Series by Alex Myers (Amazon Kindle eBook)

Fate - AV December 09, 2016

Ok you Fire Tablet borrowers, users, or anyone wanting to try an e-book from Amazon Kindle.  "Time Change Series" by Alex Myers is a 3 book series that ties the story line together from book 1 to book 2 to book 3.  Jack was riding in a car with his girl friend when a severe thunderstorm suddenly strikes, causing the car to skid and crash.  When Jack awakens, he is not a hospital, as he expected.  He somehow had been taken back in time to a period just years before the Civil War.  As he finds his way around in his new world, he discovers his knowledge of products and technology from the 21st century have a significant impact on his experiences.  It is to the extent that he believes he can be a factor in preventing the occurrence of the Civil War.  His efforts, along with the acquaintances he gathers, are leading to that possibility, however, there are negative forces that do not want this to happen.  Very interesting and entertaining story.  

Overall Rating:  A

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