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Melinda - AV November 18, 2016

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Nerve (2016) is an adventurous thriller about a reserved high school senior Vee (played by Emma Roberts) who is pressured to step out of her comfort  zone by her friends and join Nerve, a popular online reality game.  This game challenges players to either enlist online as "players" or pay to watch as "watchers".  Players accept dares from watchers, receiving money rewards that increase with the danger of the dare when completed successfully.  In her first dare, Vee (Emma Roberts) meets a mysterious stranger named Ian (Dave Franco) who coincidentally is playing the game also. They both find out that they become the star players very quickly to the “watchers” and the adrenaline fueled competition starts them off with simple, fun  dares which soon leads them up to dangerous stunts that are just not fun anymore and will leave you on the edge of your seat.  As the game, Nerve, continues into a high stake finale, Vee’s future will be at risk.  What do you think she will do?  How much “Nerve” will she have?  You have to watch it and see!  I enjoyed this movie.  It was exciting and adventurous and it left a hidden message to all of the “watchers”!  

Overall Rating:  B+


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