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Hologram for the King

Fate - AV October 14, 2016

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While checking in DVD's recently, I saw this title.  It intrigued me but I let it pass by.  A few days later, I saw the title again and decided to read the synopsis, but before I got that far I saw that Tom Hanks was in the starring role.  Tom Hanks, right?  That was all I needed to check it out and give it a look.  Tom Hanks, yeah!  He portrayed a businessman who would be the key salesman to promote a new high technology product to the King in Saudi Arabia.  His superiors had their doubts about him, but he convinced them he had the product knowledge and the ability to make the sale.  He was under extreme pressure to meet the King and make the sale as soon as possible.  Upon arrival in Arabia, he soon found that things do not move on the same timetable as in the U.S.  His Saudi contact was supposed to be available but constantly was unavailable.  The King, who was supposed to be coming very soon, was likewise, continuously somewhere else with no idea as to when he would arrive.  Hanks meets and becomes friends, and more, with some of the residents.  To keep from doing a "spoiler alert", that is about all I will submit as to the story.   Those looking for a lot of 'action' will not find it.  Those who are looking for an interesting story that keeps one's attention, will find that.  

Overall Rating:  B+

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