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Pam - AV May 06, 2016

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The movie “Joy” is loosely based on the life of Joy Mangano, inventor of  the Miracle Mop and an eventual shopping network superstar.   Joy and her children live with her mother Terry (Virginia Madsen), who is reclusive and obsessed with soap operas.   Tony (Edgar Ramirez), her ex-husband of two years, lives in the basement while he tries to launch a music career.   Joy’s father Rudy (Robert De Niro) arrives on their doorstep with his latest girlfriend Sharon. She tells Joy she has had enough, and is giving him back.   Mimi (Diane Ladd), Joy’s grandmother is the voice of reason and has always been the only one who believes in her.   I must admit I had trouble getting into the film.  The first 50 minutes or more are so filled with drama from her dysfunctional family, we barely get a glimpse of who Joy really is--until the invention of her mop.   It is through her father’s latest girlfriend Trudy (Isabella Rosellini), a wealthy widow, that Joy gets the opportunity to create her miracle mop.   Bradley Cooper portrays Neil Walker, a QVC executive who gives Joy the chance to shine by promoting her own product on QVC.   Jennifer Lawrence gives an outstanding performance as Joy.   Robert De Niro does an excellent job portraying Joy’s father as an insensitive jerk.   Diane Ladd plays a wonderful Mimi, Joy’s grandmother and cheerleader.   I am very glad that I continued to watch “Joy” until the end.  It was uplifting to see how, in spite of all the obstacles Joy encountered, she persevered and became a very successful inventor and entrepreneur.

Overall Rating:   B+

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