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Melinda - AV April 08, 2016

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The movie Room is based off the novel written by Emma Donaghue in 2010.  Room tells a story about the limitless bond between a mother and her child and what it is like to travel from one world to the “real”outside world.  In the movie, Brie Larson plays Joy, a mother that has been held captive for 7 years along with her 5 year old son Jack (Jacob Tremblay).  Jack has been in “Room” his entire life and this is the only world he knows.  Joy (Brie Larson) knows that she has to make a better life for Jack, so she makes an escape plan to get away from her captor, Old Nick.  Surprisingly, when Joy and Jack gain freedom, emotions run high with happiness, anger, fear, and excitement and the only thing that can get them through in the outside world is love, support and the bond they have together!  This movie was an emotional thriller.  It had a remarkable story and is very suspenseful.  If you like to keep your emotions running high, this is the movie for you!

Overall Rating:  A

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