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Pam - AV January 15, 2016

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Self/less is a science fiction thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley and Natalie Martinez.  Ben Kingsley plays Damian Hale, a New York real estate mogul dying from cancer.  Through the mysterious appearance of a business card, Hale learns about  Dr. Albright and his process called shedding.  For $250 million, Dr. Albright will transfer Hale's consciousness into a young healthy body which he tells Hale is lab generated.  Ryan Reynolds portrays Edward Kitner, Hale's new body and name.  Dr. Albright sets Edward/Damian up in a fancy New Orleans mansion and Edward/Damian begins to kick up his heels, reveling in his recaptured youth.  Then the disturbing hallucinations begin, causing Edward/Damien to question whether his new body was really lab generated.  After reading numerous reviews by professional critics, I was prepared to dislike the movie.  Quite the opposite occurred.  I enjoyed the movie.  How one feels about the film depends upon whether or not you buy into the whole concept of shedding.  I did.  In addition, Self/less was action packed and offered enough twists to keep me guessing.

Overall Rating:  B+

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