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What We Do In The Shadows

Allison - AV October 09, 2015

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What We Do in the Shadows is a fictional documentary that gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of Vlad, Viago, Deacon, Nick, and Petyr, five vampires living in the same flat in New Zealand.  Despite the fact that they are creatures of the night, the quintet of vampires is surprisingly easy to relate to: They fight over chores, fret over what to wear, and enjoy visiting nightclubs.  These common experiences become humorous, however, as the vampires explain how hard it is to get blood stains out of the couch cushions, to plan outfits without a reflection, and to attend parties when they can’t enter a building unless they are invited in first.  The humor continues throughout the film, and I found both my husband and myself laughing out loud at various parts.  Although none of the actors have many lead roles under their belts, each portrayed his assigned character wonderfully, and, I admit, I was a bit saddened when one of them met his demise.  Even though it is more of a comedy than a horror flick, What We Do in the Shadows is perfect for the Halloween season. 

Overall Rating: A-

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