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Book Review: The Giving Tree

April 27, 2015 0 comments

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
From Miss Jennie at Ontario

This month's next book review comes from Miss Jennie at Ontario. 


"Believe it or not, The Giving Tree is turning 50 this year!!!  Originally written in 1964, this book has now sold over 10 million copies, and your library has 11 of them! 

"This classic story begins with an apple tree that loves a small boy, and a small boy who loves to climb, play, swing, rest, gather leaves and apples from the tree.  The tree loves making the boy happy, and when the boy needs something; the tree gives him what he needs, whether it’s shade, a snack or a friend. 

"As the boy grows up, his needs change, but the tree still gives what it can.  From teenager, adult to an elderly man, the boy takes and takes, while the tree gives and gives, until it has nothing left but a stump to sit on – which is just what the boy needs."

Thanks, Miss Jennie!  While most people have, at one time or another, read this classic story, now would be a perfect time to reread it or to share it with the next generation.  Check our catalog to find a copy!


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