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Book Review: Bear Sees Colors

November 28, 2014 0 comments

Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson
From Miss Heather at Butler and Lucas Branches

The fabulous duo of author Karma Wilson and illustrator Jane Chapman have teamed up again to give us another charming tale of Bear and his friends. The adorable bear and his friends from Bear Snores On (…Feels Sick, Feels Scared, Wants More, Says Thanks, Stays Up for Christmas, and Bear’s Loose Tooth and New Friend) are back and on the look-out for colors all around them.

In rhyming text, hints are given for the next color bear will see, giving children the opportunity to predict what color he will see before we turn the page. “So much for them to do. And the bear sees…(turn the page)…blue! Hare points up ahead. And the bear sees…(turn the page)…red!”

Turning the page provides readers with an illustrated two page spread filled with a variety of things in the true shade of the color. Minimal text describes several of the colored things available to view in the illustration, followed by an appeal to spy more of that color with Bear. Young children will have the opportunity to use their vocabulary and narrative skills to describe the other things of that color not mentioned in the text.

Bear Sees Colors ends with a page spread of a colorful picnic scene with Bear and all of his friends. “Colors, colors everywhere? Can you find colors, just like Bear?” And, there are so many colorful things to find! What a perfect way to start a game of Eye Spy!

Children 6 years of age and younger are sure to enjoy this story!

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